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Крок 2 Загальна лікарська підготовка_2004-2005

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What property to typically obligatory medical insurance? 


System of control of quality of medical services is carried out by subjects of insurance. 

guarantor of the payment of expenses - the commercial organizations. 

The medical program is determined by the contract страховика and insured. 

Individual or family membership. 


A woman of 34 years old complaints about spready bloody discharges from genitals several days before mensis. In anamnesis – dyathermocoagulation 2 years ago. During the investigation of the uterus wall in the mirrors a cianous cysts in the form of pupilla are found out. For approving the diagnosis the following should be done: 

*Byopsy of the uterus cervix 

Stear for cytological investigation 



Ultrasound investigation of the pelvis minor 


Name the most informative parameter of average duration of stay in a hospital: 

On nosological forms. 

On branch as a whole. 

On chambers. 

On a hospital as a whole. 

On number of sick-lists beds. 


What factors, from specified, influence as much as possible a level of the general mortality of the population? 

Age -sexual structure of the population and a condition of an environment 

Quantity of medical workers  

Number of medical institutions  

A climate-geographical position 

A level of hospitalization of the population 


What criterion testifies to type of age structure of the population in territory? 

a ratio of a share of children and persons of a pension age. 

Net factor of reproduction. 

Average duration of a forthcoming life. 

Gross - factor of reproduction. 

A parameter of a natural increase. 


For comparison of a degree of a variety of weight of a body of newborns and 7-years children it is the most expedient to use: 

Coefficient of a variation 


An average quadratic deviation. 

A mistake of average 

Factor of determination 


What from functions does not belong to functions FMSH? 

The guaranteed volume of the specialized medical service 

The guaranteed volume of the social help 

Availability of corresponding medical and social services to all population 

A continuity of supervision over patients 

The guaranteed volume of the medical and psychological help 


The treatment-and-prophylactic help to countrymen at different stages is given with rural sites, regional and regional hospitals, clinics, the diagnostic centers, hospitals at scientific research institutes. Name the basic establishments of the fourth stage of rendering of medical aid to agricultural population.  

City treatment-and-prophylactic establishments, the state specialized centers.  

The central regional hospital, clinics.  

Station of blood transfusion, the diagnostic center.  

Clinics, regional hospital.  

Regional hospital, the diagnostic center.  


Of what from elements of carrying out sanitary epidemic supervision has no attitude to precautionary? 

the control over observance of sanitary-and-hygienic norms in establishments 

A hygienic regulation of potentially dangerous factors 

The account of objects and constructions 

A choice and tap{removal} of the ground area under construction 

The regular control over construction and reconstruction 


What methods does a doctor use when estimating physiologic development in children and teenagers?  

*measuring anthropometric data and functional indices, estimating the findings described  

measuring the chest circumference, the form of the head 

measuring arterial pressure and muscular power 

measuring the concentration of attention 

the description of the biological development level 


At estimation of physical development a boy is set, that his mass of body is less, than М - 2уR on by regional standards (tables of regression) for lack of chronic pathology. What group of health does a boy behave to?  







What is the necessary information for estimating the investigation results after having learnt the efficiency of the vaccination against flu in personnel? 

* the number of sick persons among 100 people who were inoculated against flu and the amount of sick persons among 100 people who were not inoculated  

the quantity of complications caused by the vaccination 

the quantity of persons who were inoculated 

the quantity of persons who were not inoculated 

the number of diseases among 100 persons who were inoculated against flu and the number of diseases among 100 persons who were not inoculated against flu, the total amount of workers 


Who is responsible for medical - diagnostic section of work in a polyclinic? 

the head physician, the assistant to the head physician managing branch 

The head physician managing branch 

The head physician managing branch, the local therapist 

The assistant to the head physician managing branch, the local therapist 

The assistant to the head physician managing branch 


Name obligatory structurally-functional parts of the control system: 

management subject, management object, block of the scientific adjusting.  

components, communication.  

structure, function, management types. 

principles, technique, management methods.  

laws, technology, management mechanisms. 


Name component parts of science of management: 

theory, technique, organization, methods.  

principles, approaches, laws. 

system, process, functions, technology.  

shots, finances, information.  

time, delegation, organization of labour. 


In the complement of accreditation commissions, in compliance with the legislation, besides the organs of management representatives must enter by the health protection: 

medical insurance organizations  

fire-prevention security services  

tax service  

services of labour protection 

sanitary-epidemiology service 


Official permission on the right of realization of medical activity at the observance of the set requirements and terms, given out to the legal entity is named: 

by a license  

by a certificate 

by admittance to work 

by a diploma 

by accreditation 


What brigades of medical first-aid behave to specialized? 




otorhinolaryngology - brigades. 



What establishments provide tertiary medical aid? 

diagnostic and medical centers, dispensaries  

medical centers, dispensaries a child's policlinic 

specialized and multi profile establishment (regional, central, city)  

womanish consultations, permanent establishments, policlinic of city. 

specialized and multi profile hospitals (district, regional, city)  


Purpose of tertiary prophylaxis: 

rehabilitation of patients losing possibility complete valuable vital functions  

forming of adequate relation of population to the system of health protection 

Elimination expressed factors of risk, which at certain terms can result in the origin, intensification, relapse of disease 

Activation of public funds and organizations in regard to medicine 

Warning of origin and influences of possible factors of risk of diseases 


Name kinds of medical aid to the population: 

Primary, secondary and tertiary. 

Out-patient - polyclinic, fast, stationary and sanatorium.  

Scheduled, urgent, prime.  

Hospitalized, dispensary, in-home, preventive. 

Therapeutic, surgical, traumatology-orthopedic, pediatric, cardiology, the ophthalmologist., etc. 


S., 59 year old male is ill with generalized arteriosclerosis with blood circulation insufficiency. What ratio between the nutrients do you consider to advise? 

*proteins  :  fats  :  carbohydrates  = 1 :  0,5 :  3 

proteins  :  fats  :  carbohydrates  =  1 :  1,0 :  4 

proteins  :  fats  :  carbohydrates  = 1 :  1,0 :  5  

proteins  :  fats  :  carbohydrates  = 1 :  1,3 :  4  

proteins  :  fats  :  carbohydrates  = 1 :  2,0 :  3  


Patient С., 15 year old, consulted his physician with complaints of the night blindness. Objectively: rised darkness adaptation time, Bitot’s spots on conjuctive. Patient’s skin is dry, desquamatous, folliculitis signs of the face skin. What foods do you consider should he eat to prevent this disease?  

*butter and carrots  

lard and garlic  

sunflower oil and cabbage  

margarine and potato  

cocoas milk and pine apples 


In the surgical unit of the hospital the purulent surgery department is placed on the 1st floor, thoracic surgery – on the 2nd floor, general surgery – on the 3 rd floor and gynecological – on the 4th. Could you find any infringements in the department placing? 

*wrong placing of purulent surgery department 

wrong placing of thoracic surgery  

wrong placing of gynecological department 

wrong placing of general surgery department  

no infringements 


The worker of battery plant consults physician with complaints of weakness, headache, Status praesens objectivus: paleness, dark line on the gums, systolic murmur of the heart apex. In blood: microcytaric anemia, basophilic grainy RBC, reticulocytosis. Urine analysis: porfirinuria 0,25 mg/l. What conditions of occupational environment may the disease cause?  

*high lead content in the air of the working zone  

high sulfuric acid content in the air of the working zoned 

high alkaline content in the air of the working zone  

high benzene content in the air of the working zone  

high iron oxide content in the air of the working zone  


On inspection of the laundry of the regional hospital it’s defined the relative air humidity is 99\%, air movement velocity -0,6 m/s,  air temperature - 15оС. What way to optimize occupational environment could you advise? 

*decrease of humidity and air movement velocity and increase of air temperature 

decrease of humidity, air movement velocity and air temperature  

decrease of  humidity, increase of  temperature and air movement velocity 

decrease of air humidity and  temperature of air, increase of air movement velocity  

decrease of temperature and air movement velocity 


The waste treatment complex is situated 1000 m away from the residential area. The area is hygienic,the technology of treatment is proper. They use sanitary space for growing of ray grass. People living in the nearest households complain of constant unpleasant smell, plenty of flies. There is high morbidity of intestinal diseases. Specify the probable causes of unsatisfactory epidemiological situation. 

*sanitary space is not used properly  

improper waste chlorination  

absence of the vegetations at the waste treatment station 

improper examining of the station worker 

emergency outlets of  the  impure wastes  


The kitchen of the student hostel received fish: the surface is covered with slime, scales are mate, gills have dirty red color and unpleasant smell, eyes are mate and sunken, muscles are soft. Assess food quality. 

*poor quality product  

high quality product, can be used without limitations  

high quality product, can be used with limitations 

conditionally good product 

adulterated product 


Patient with thyreotoxicisis is in the 2 beds hospital ward of therapeutic department. The area of the ward is 18 m2, height 3 m, ventilation rate 2,5 /hr. Air temperature - 20оС, relative humidity 45\%, air movement velocity 0,3 m/s,  light coefficient 1/5, noise level 30 dB. Do hygienic assessment of the conditions:  

*discomfortable microclimate  

non-effective ventilation 

poor lighting 

high level of noise 

all conditions are OK 


In the sanitary inspection of labour conditions of miners they found: air temperature - 26оС, relative humidity 40\%, dust pollution - 135 mg/m3, silica content in the dust 45\%. Miners work by the “dry” technology. What disease can cause occupational environment conditions?  


urine stones 



pulmonary hemosiderosis  


Name the social - hygienic factor which does not influence requirement of the population for hospitalization: 

Volume and quality of medical aid. 

A level of desease of the population. 

A way of life of the population. 

A degree of development of social services. 

A level of sanitary culture of the population. 


The 6 year old girl has the low height. Her growth development is harmonic. She has premolars and incisives of permanent teeth. This year she has been ill with measles and infectious hepatitis. She can calculate and read. She's done Kern-Yiracek's test with 6 scores. Why is the girl not ready to be admitted at school?  

*infectious hepatitis  

low height 

poor results of the test 

absence of all permanent teeth 



Efficiency of activity of family doctor is estimated on the following indexes: 

general morbidity  

quantity of the population served by a family doctor 

general death rate 

full strength by shots 

hospitalized morbidity 


The balance at the market of medical goods is characterized by: 

* balance between the capacity of supply and demand 

balance of prices at the market of medical services 

price interaction at the market of medical services 

excessive demand of medical goods and services at their deficient proposition 

the excess of medical services at this certain market price 


The estimation of quality and medical aid effectiveness appears to be realized as such: 

* Structural, processing approach and the one which is based on the final results 

Structural, organizational and operational approach 

Processing, economical and the one which is based on the final results 

The approach to be based on the final result, complex and statistical 

Preventive, current and final approach 


A student has got the following examination task. The interlayer waters are known to be so much mineralized that they can’t be used for municipal water supply with no treatment. In case of soil pollution by waste products and sewage. There is a danger of subsoil water pollution with pathogenic microorganisms. Name the source of water supply to be the best for middle and small water pipes. 

* interlayer waters 

subsoil waters 

atmosphere waters 

surface waters 



The rational planning of city districts provides its division according to the functional signs into 4 areas:1) industrial are; 2 )suburban are; 3) traffic area. Name the fourth area: 

* selitebouns area 

sport area 

cultural area 

traffic area 

new buildings area 


In order to prevent the environmental pollution in  the  place N, the artificial methods of sewage disposal, biological purification, chlorination and compulsory laboratory control are planned. Which one of the main artificial sewage disposal methods isn’t taken into account? 

* Mechanical purification 




Areas of sewage disposal 


A Land area for building of medical-preventive institutions must meet the requirements which are claimed to the house-building. This concerns to:  

* all which are marked 

Relief of a land 

Providing of the flow of the atmospheric rainfall 

Level of subsoil waters 

For all which are marked except C 


During an exam, while giving the definition of ''manufacturing microclimate'' a student included the following components to the concept: temperature of the air, moisture of the air, speed of the air, ultraviolet radiation, atmospheric pressure the irradiation. Which components named by student were wrong?  

* Pressure, irradiation, ultraviolet radiation 


Atmospheric pressure 

Atmospheric pressure and irradiation 

All are right 


The chief principle of forming the therapeutic divisions of industrial sections is: 

* the number of workers 

worker’s age 

personnel length of work 

staff’s composition according to health groups 

service range 


They damaged the container with alpha-radioactive substance (solution) with pollution of the work place surfaces. What preventive measures should be used? 

*desactivation of the premises  

degasation of the premises  

respiratory protective equipment 

protective shields  

decrees about  duration of the working week 


Choose a method of a graphic representation of monthly information about number of the registered cases of acute intestinal infection and their comparisons to the average monthly values, obtained for 5 previous years:  

The linear diagram.  

The radial diagram.  

The sector diagram.  

The figured diagram.  



The 9 years child with diagnosis “chronic tonsillitis” stands dispanserization control. For 1 year of observation there was one exacerbation of disease. Physical condition is satisfactory. The general state is not infringed. Define group of health:  

III (a).  



III (b).  

III (c).  


The child is 6 years old. For one year of observation he has ARD duration 8 days. Physical worked out satisfactory. Define group of health:  



III (a).  

III (b).  

III (c).  


25 unorganized children in the age 2 -3 year will be observed on a pediatric district it in the current year. What scheduled number of initial visitations will make to this group of children?  







On the basis of the application form of parents and explanatory note from the senior nurse of reception department the chief of medical service sent the official report to the head of hospital about granting for a money by the senior nurse of hospital the medicines from humanitarian fund for treatment the child. What should make the head of hospital in this situation from items of management?  

To conduct service investigation by results of which to realize the administrative order according to the revealed circumstances. He should to inform the chief of medical service , and in case of acknowledgement of the facts inform the collective.  

To not accept any activity.  

To discharge from office the senior sister.  

To notify the chief of medical service about excess by him the official duties .  

To transmit the official report of chief of medical service to the chief of a reception department for acceptance of effective measures for elimination henceforth similar practice. 


Head of department and a trade-union group have addressed to the head of hospital about dismissal of the senior nurse that works during 17 years. The facts of charge were confirmed and recognized as the main nurse. This nurse lives with a daughter (which does not work, she is divorced) and 9 month grandson. Make a solution from items of management.  

To keep the worker on a post with the prevention of dismissal in case of repeated violation of a labor discipline.  

To discharge from office the worker with, i.e. to satisfy demands of collective.   

The disability card.  

A ambulatory medical card. 

To shift a solution of this problem on other officials or public organizations.  


Define the basic registration document at the profound study of a morbidity with temporary lost labor ability at the industrial enterprise:  

A card of the personal account of a morbidity.  

"The Report on reasons of a temporary lost labor ability".  

The disability card.  

A ambulatory medical card.  

The inpatient medical.  


Indicate the registration medical document for the patient Н., that 21.02. was addressed to the doctor with diagnosis ARVD the first time in this year:  

The statistical coupon is necessary to fill in it and it is necessary to deliver on a sign +.  

The statistical coupon for registration of final diagnoses is not necessary.  

The statistical coupon to fill in it is necessary, but a sign +is not necessary to put in.  

It is necessary to fill in the emergency notice on a case of a contagion. 

The necessary registration form is not indicated. 


What kind a method is correct to establish force of correlation connection between age of men and their mortality from a myocardial infarction?  

A method of grade correlation (Spirman).  

A correlation ratio.  

The quadrate method (Pirson).  

The Indirect method (Stjudent).  

A method of graduated correlation (Armler).  


Purpose of the second prophylaxis: 

Removal of the expressed factors of risk, which at certain terms can result in the origin, intensification, relapse of disease 

forming of adequate relation of population to the system of health protection 

rehabilitation of patients losing possibility complete valuable vital functions 

Activation of public funds and organizations in regard to medicine 

Prevention origins and influences of possible factors of risk of diseases 


The parameter of infantile mortality for the last year was - 16,3\%0, in present year - 15,7\%0. Name a kind of the diagram that can be used for a graphic representation of it.  







The populated area has the water supply from artesian chink. Lab analyses data: transparence         30 cm                hardness                5,5 mg eq/l colority                  20о                nitrates   20 mg/l smell                       1 score                   fluorine  4,0 mg/l taste                       1 score                   coli-tytre 400 ml What disease would result water consumption? 


urine stones 

water-nitrate methemoglobinemia 

chronic gastritis  

syderoachrestic anemia 


Define the observation unit, at study the average duration of hospitalization of patients with appendectomy, depending on delivery times in a hospital and the clinical form of appendicitis.  

The patient with appendectomy.  

The patient who is entered in the hospital.  

Average duration of patient's stay in a hospital.  

Delivery times of the patient.  

The clinical form of appendicitis.  


What methods of the collecting of the information is preferable for study of housing conditions of students of medical HIGH SCHOOL for a training period?  



Selecting of materials.  

A method of the directed selection.  



Name a statistical observation unit for determination of influence amount of bloodsugar on the healing of wound's surface in a postoperative period: 

The patient in a postoperative period. 

Amount of blood-sugar. 

The analysis of a blood.  

The patient who has a wound surface.  

The patient who was discharge on an after-care.  


The vital capacity of lungs was estimated during medical examination of schoolchildren. What device is used for measuring of vital capacity of lungs? 

*A spirometer 

The thermometer 

The anthropometer 

A tonometer 

A centimetric tape 


Estimate the quality of milk: density 1038, the maintenance of fat 2,8 \%, acidity 18 ( T. 

* The lowered quality 

Of good quality 

Of poor quality 


Conditionally fit 


Matusis` Device is used for estimation of providing of an organism with: 

* Vitamin C 

Vitamin B 1 

Vitamin B 6 

Vitamin B 12 

Vitamin A 


Milk contains starch. Solution Lugoli has been added for definition of starch in milk. What colour will the milk be painted in? 

Dark blue 






The first-rate wheat bread was brought to the hospital food-block: with humidity of 45 \%, acidity 3 ( T, porosity of 67 \%. Evaluate the quality of the bread, please. 

*Of good quality 

Of poor quality 


Conditionally fit 

Of the lowered quality 


The average body length of neonatal boys is 50,9 cm at a sigma 1,66; and average mass - 3432 at a sigma 5,00. What criteria is correct to compare degree of variability these signs?  

A coefficient of variation.  

A sigma.                  

A limit.  

An amplitude.  

A coefficient of association.  


What from indexes behaves to the performance indicators of policlinic belong: 

middle number of visits on one habitant for a year. 

general morbidity. 

morbidity with the temporal loss of ability to work. 

frequency of primary output on disability. 

primary morbidity. 


Canned fish “Atlantic hearing” has a paper label with specification of the enterprise-producer (fish-processing plant in Yalta), name of the product and others. The surface of the tin is not deformed, the bottom and cover are significantly convex. Tin is hermetic. Tin cover is marked by the stamp: 070190 513234 1Р Assess quality of product 

* poor quality product, can’t be used  

high quality product, can be used w/o limitations  

conditionally edible product, can be used for meal  

False spoiled, can be used after boiling  

adulterated, can be used after boiling  


In order to compare the degree of variety of length of body of new-born pigeon pair it is most expedient to use the criteria of variety: 

mean quadratic deviation. 



error of middle 

coefficient of variation 


What from indexes characterizes natural motion of population? 

natural increase. 

migratory activity. 

mean time of forthcoming life. 

pendulum migration. 



What information is needed for determination of level of early neonatology mortality: 

number of the children born by living and deceased during the first seven mortality.  

number of the children born dead 

such index is not used in practice  

number of the children deceased on the first month of life 

number of the children deceased on the first year of life. 


The health of population, most, depends on: 

way of life  

terms of external environment 

economic line-up 


systems of health protection 


People, which do not have complaints, chronic diseases in anamnesis, functional rejections and organic changes in organs and systems, behave to the group: 

healthy (1-2 group) 

it is conditional healthy 

it is potential patients 


practically healthy 


Give determination of maintenance of concept “morbidity”: 

sum of cases of the first exposed diseases among the population. 

sum of the registered illnesses among the population. 

sum of visits of the population MPE. 

sum of being ill persons among the population. 

sum of patients of needing treatment. 


What group of illnesses leads in the structure of reasons of mortality of population? 

illnesses of the system of circulation of blood. 

new formations. 

illnesses of organs of breathing. 

illnesses of the nervous system and sense-organs. 

illnesses of organs of digestion. 


Name basic principles of science of management: 

combination of particular a branch and territorial level, scientific character, economy, system, delegation.  

hierarchical, reliability, operative, reason.  

leadership, responsibility, competence, plenary powers. 

selection of shots, democratic centralism, specialization and co-operation.  

development according to a plan, unity of the personal and collective interests, technological, flexibility. 


Name the tasks of head of the department of city hospital: 

control after a timeliness and plenitude of inspection and treatment of patients. 

consultation of patients on to the house. 

distributing of acting patients on the separations. 

calculation of cost of stationary treatment of patient. 

organization of daily permanent establishment. 


They took the sample from 5 tons milk batch. In the lab analysis it was defined: fat content 2\%, specific density 1,04 g/cm3, acidity 21оТ, reductase probe – weak positive. What way is the product to be used in? 

*sell but inform customers about milk quality 

write off for animal feeding 

technical utilization 

sell without limitations 

do product away 


Specific gravity of population which treats oneself in ambulatory-policlinic establishments makes (in \%):  

From 70 to 80  

From 40 to 50  

From 50 to 60  

From 60 to 70  

More them 80  


Periodic medical surveys are carried out for:  

Periodic inspection of the certain contingents of workers 

inspectionof the certain contingents of workers at reception on the robot  

Revelation of some diseases at early stages  

D. Directions on MSEC 

E. Revelation and formations of contingents for dispensary  supervision 


Whatever document to the medical worker is required to represent at the reception on work? 

certificate about registration. 

labour book. 


military ticket (for liable for military service). 



Patient С., 48 years old, participated in the liquidation of Chernobyl disaster consequences. He is treated in in-patient department of municipal hospital. His diagnosis: progressing vegetative insufficiency. What group of biological effects of ionizing radiation this states included in such a state?  


somatic effects 





Girl 9 years old, has an average height and harmonic growth development. She was ill with acute respiratory infection for five times. Define group of her health 







Mrs. Т., 33 years old works as the secretary. Her diet contains 150 g of protein (including 100 g of animal), 200 g of fat, 600 g of carbohydrates. What pathology can effect this diet? 




common cold  

uterine fibromyoma 


An Odessa inhabitant colected mushrooms in the forest, fried and ate them. In 12 hours he felt severe abdominal pains, vomiting bloody diarrhea. In the end of the 1st day of disease jaundice, hepatomegalia and oliguria developed. There were convulsions also. He passed on 3rd day of the disease. What is the cause of the disease? 

*poisoning with Death Cap 


poisoning with margarine preservants 

poisoning with fly agaric  

poisoning with false morel 


In the first stage of coli-index assessment of tap water by the fermentation samples method they accumulate Е. сoli on glucose-peptonic medium. In one 100 ml bottle and  1 ml tube indicator changed color and gas was produced. What differential diagnostic medium should you use for 2nd stage of the test?  

*Endo medium 

Ressek medium 

Kitta-Tarozzi medium 

Rappoport medium  

Bordet medium 


The qualifying requirements to the family doctor are included in this case: 

domain by the modern methods of diagnostics and treatment  

oratorical art  

ability to conduct the conferences  

ability to manage 

domain by the methods of analysis of the state of environment 


A girl 9 years old, has an average height and harmonic growth development. She was ill with acute respiratory infection for five times. Define the group of her health.  

2nd group  

1st group  

3rd group  

4th group  

5th group 


In the assessment of microclimate they defined that in 10 cm above the floor air temperature was 17оС, at the 1 m - 19оС, at the 1,5 m - 20оС. What overfall by the vertical is the maximal admissible? 

*2,5 (C 

1 (C 

1,5 (C 

2 (C 

3 (C 


For controlling of pre-sterilization processing of medical instruments they use some tests: phenolphthalein, ortholuidine, azopiram, benzydine and sodium benzoas for controlling of completeness of washing them from blood and alkaline components of detergents.. What test is the most sensitive for blood traces and the safest? 




Sodium benzoas 



Professiogram of assembly shop of the automobile plant includes the following elements: conveyer, assembly works with power 15 W/hr, the number of the operations – 3 per minute. What is the criterion for work intensity in these conditions? 


power of work, W  

emotional pressure 

intellectual intensity.  

operative memory volume 


The seiner crew is under action of low air temperatures (from -5°С up to -10°С).  What main organs’ diseases can be prevalent among them? 

*respiratory system  . 



gastrointestinal tract  

cardiovascular system 


With daily diet in the organism of 5 years old child (body weight 20 kg) there are 80 mg of nitrates income. Define daily dosage of the nitrate 

*4,0 mg/kg of body weight 

1,0 mg/kg of body weight 

2,0 mg/kg of body weight 

3,0 mg/kg of body weight 

4,0 mg/kg of body weight 


In the thermal workshop of the ship-repairing plant the heat amount is 81 kcal/m3 hr. Air temperature is 28-33°С, heat radiation – up to 1800 kcal/m2 hr, relative humidity - 40-60\%, air movement velocity - 0,5-0,7 m/s. What occupational hazard can cataract be caused by?  

*heat radiation.   

convection heat  

air temperature  

relative humidity 

air movement velocity 


While school inspecting they defined that third year form has 26 lessons during a weak; on Tuesday the first is Ukrainian lesson, 2nd  - music, 3 and 4th  - physical training, 5 lessons at a whole. Could you find any infringements in the schedule? 

*number of classes of physical training  

number of lessons per week 

number of lesson per day.  

place of music lesson in the schedule 

place of the Ukrainian language lesson in the schedule  


Student Н. is estimating the noise rate in the punching workshop. What device is he using? 


Analysator of noise spectrum 





As preventive means they prescribe UV radiation in the photarium for adolescent living in Murmansk region (Russia). What device could be used to define biological and preventive dosage of UV radiation?  







Mr G. uses untreated feces for fertilizing. He sells vegetables at the city market. What infestation can occur among his customers? 







The X-ray room of the cardiological center is  placed on the 2nd floor and has 40 m2 total square. The operating control panel is behind the shielded screen. The physician’s working place is 2 m from the apparatus. No adjoining wards by the vertical and horizontal. How many premises the X-ray room should consist of as minimum  







Mrs. Y. lives in polluted area in the zone of severe radioecology. She has own household with the garden and she doesn’t work. She consult physician about using vegetables from the garden to rise excretion of the radionuclides. You should recommend vegetables with the highest fiber content (more then 1 \%). 



vegetable marrow 




In the assessment of microclimate they defined that in outer corner at the height of 1 m the temperature was 18оС, in the middle - 19оС, in inner corner - 20оС. What overfall by the horizontal is the maximal admissible?  


1 (C 

1,5 (C 

2,5 (C 

3 (C 


Worker С. works at the chemical enterprise N, producing sulfuric acid for 6 year. It was defined that the content of sulfuric gas was in two times more than MAC. What protective equipment do you advise him to use? 

*gas mask 

hose mask 



cotton facial bandage 


In the well situated at the outskirts of the village in 60 m from the cattle farm they found nitrogen compounds in concentrations: ammonia - 0,9 mg/l, nitrites -0,1 mg/l, nitrates - 52 mg/l. For what pollution is this analysis typical? 







They conduct a survey on the children health in city of N. It was defined that in 23\% of cases lead content of blood was higher than 10 mkg/l. What was the principal source of pollution of urban environment with lead compounds? 

*ethyl gasoline using 

using lead-containing paints battery producing 

porcelain producing 

cable producing 



They sell portable desks in the market. Desks are made from light wooden. They heaven’t sharp edges, the cover has an operated inclination (from 1 to 45о), height of the table 0,8 m, sit height 0,5 m, distance of the sit is positive. What disease can be among the children using the desk for home work? 

*right sided scoliosis  

left-sided scoliosis 

flat footedness 




The classroom in the village school has 30 m2. How many 5th year pupils could study in this premise?  







The section of senior creche group is situated on the first floor of the kindergarten. Section consist of a dressing room (18 m2), a dining room (group room) (50 m2),  bedroom (48 m2), servant room (14 m2). Section has only one entrance, from the street and it’s common with middle group. Could you define any infringements in the internal lay-out? 

*infringement of principle of group isolation  

insufficient area of the dressing-room 

insufficient area of the dining room 

wrong content of the section premises 

wrong placing by the floor 


The well is located at the village outskirts. It has the stone walls, cover; the common bucket is absent. The nearest area is not covered. The square of water mirror is 0,5 m2, depth 20 m. How many grams of chloric lime containing 25\% of active chlorine is it necessary to use for well disinfecting if chlorine demand of water is 2 mg/dm3? 

*80 g 

20 g 

40 g 

60 g 

100 g 


For assessment of  epidemiological danger of air environment in the exhibition center they conduct the survey on the air germ pollution. What microbe is sanitary indicative?  

*Str. haemoliticus  

St. aureus 

Pseudomonas aeruginosae 

Escherichia coli  



A 66 year old history teacher doesn’t have in his diet the products having anti sclerotic action. Correct the teacher’s diet. 

* introduce fish, poultry meat, cheese, fruit, vegetables, into diet 

introduce cereals into diet 

introduce fat meat into diet 

introduce floury products into diet 

introduce all enumerated products into diet 


It is necessary to carry out the investigation and to establish the norm of exogenous chemical substance N content in soil. In order to create experimental conditions it is necessary to use such type of soil which has maximal filtrative and minimal sorption and soaking peculiarities. What type of soil is it necessary to use? 







During his holiday in Ukraine a foreigner felt ill with aggravation of gastric ulcere. He sought or medical advice. He was admited to hospital. What are the documents for his discharging from the hospital? 

* The extract from a patient’s case history; 


Certificate of patient’s hospitalization; 

А and В variants 

С and В variants 


The analysis of population rate of cases is carried out. It is characterized with the following index:  

* В, С, D variants; 

The level of incidence;  

The structure of incidence; 

The dynamics of incidence; 

The registration of incidence. 


A 68 year old pensioner has three meals a day with following distribution of energetic value: for breakfast 20\%, fro dinner 30\%, fro supper 50\%. The diet regime shoved be the following:     

* 4 meals a day with even distribution of energetic value 

3 meals a day with superiority of energetic value for breakfast 

4 meals a day with superiority of energetic value for dinner 

3 meals a day with superiority of energetic value for dinner 

4 meals a day with superiority of energetic value for supper 


To determine the sufficient water decontamination, the amount of residual chlorine which is left after chloration is taken into consideration. What is the method of qualitative determination of residual chlorine in drinking water after its chloration? 

*Adding of potassium iodide and starch to water samples 

Fitration of the water sample by up to rosy colour of solution Greese reagent 

Addition of acid to the water sample 

Addition of aluminium sulfuric oxide to the water sample up to the formation of hydroxide flakes. 

Addition of manganese peroxide to the water sample 


Infrared radiation influences the worker of 48 years old in the process of production. The depth of thermical action of the infrared radiation on The human organism depends upon: 

*The length of the wave 


Action’s direction 

Wave’s amplitude 

Frequent spectrum   


Doctor C, in private talk, told about the venereal disease of his patient M to his neighbour. What kind of responsibility is provided by legislation in case of breaking the doctor’s secret?  

*Discipline or criminal, depending upon the results 



Dismissal of the doctor 



Doctor D, an obstetrician – gynecologist has made back-street abortion. In the result of this medical intervention the patient developed some complications which led to sterility. Criminal abortion according to active legislation provides for : 

*Criminal responsibility 

Administrative responsibility 

Discipline responsibility 

Dismissal of the doctor 

Financial responsibility 


In the workshop of garment factory they supervise effectiveness of the ventilation system and control on the microclimate conditions. What device can’t be used for determining the air movement velocity in the section of ventilation pane? 

*wing anemometer. 

electrical anemometer 


stringed anemometer. 

membranous anemometer 


The premises of medical institutions demanding the rules of sterility, asepsis and antisepsis be provided with ultraviolet lamp counting:  

*1 watt capacity per 1 m3  

1 watt capacity per 10 m3 

1 watt capacity per 100 m3 

0,5 watt capacity per 1 m3 

0,5 watt capacity per 100 m3 


In the inspection of occupational environment for medical stuff in ther operating room they defined air temperature – 20°С, air movement velocity - 0,15 m/s, relative humidity - 75\%, carbon dioxide content - 0,3\%, general lightning rate with tube lamps - 400 lx, operating field - 7000 lx. What indices don’t correspond to the hygienic standards? 

*relative humidity, carbon dioxide content  

operating field lighting rate, air movement velocity.  

carbon dioxide content, general lighting rate  

carbon dioxide content, air temperature  

relative humidity, general lighting rate. 


While working a 55 year old man busy in coxo-chemical industry can’t do without water. How showed the drinking of this worker regime be organized?   

* Use 100 ml drinks and water every 25-30 minutes.  

Use drinks and water 10 minutes before meals 

Use drinks and water before  the beginning of the work 

Use drinks and water after break 

Use drinks and water after the beginning of the work 


The right  of establishing the fact and the group of  stable disability (invalidity) belongs: 




The head doctor deputy for disability examination. 

The head doctor 


Statistical investigation is carried out. It’s necessary to formulate totality of choices. Which of the enumerated methods is not used for selecting units of observation into totality of choices? 

* analogous 






The doctor established the level of flue illness to be increased to 30\% in comparison to last year. What index did he use? 





non-marked intensity 


What does a rural hospital consist of? 

* a hospital or an outpatient clinic and feldsher-obstetric stations; 

feldsher-obstetric stations, a regional hospital; 

a regional hospital and female dispensary; 

a hospital, a regional hospital and feldsher-obstetric stations; 

a regional hospital and a sanitary-epidemiologic station. 


A woman of 55 years old has diarrhea, desquamation and skin pigmentation (on the face, neck, feet and hands), irritability and anxiety. We know from her anamnesis that her main food is maize, she rarely eats vegetables and beans and never eats meat and fish. What is the disease?   





Swift’s dermatitis  


The 5 years old child was brought to the reception ward with such symptoms as: dryness of skin and mucosa, short breathing, midriasis, agitation, confused consciousness. They defined that before hospitalization the child had collected berries in the forest. What plant caused food poisoning? 


fly agaric  

green gill 




In the country with decentralized water supply (shaft wells) they registered elongation of fonticuli healing, poor bones development, teeth development retardation among infants . They are typical signs for presence in water of 







They are building a 2 storied house in the town. Water pipes and canalization are absent.  What type of lavatory is the best for these conditions? 

*Lavatory with aerated tank 

Chemical lavatory 


Public lavatory 

Field lavatory 


Ultra-violet radiation is carried out to prevent in hospital infections in the premises of the medical institutions. What is its health-improvement action evaluated with? 

*Degree and index of effectiveness  

Multinle of air-exchange 

Dust content 

Ozone content 

Carbon dioxide content 


A 40- year old inhabitant of the city of Kiev arrived in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) in July of 1998. In an hour after arriving he lost consciousness after leaving the international airport terminal. After medical aid he was delivered to the hospital. His state was characterized with the following signs: expressed adinamia, severe headache with nausea, the skin was hyperemied, wet; body temperature was rised up to 39оС; short breathing, tachicardia. The tourist has never been to hot climate countries. What is the cause of syncope? 

*hot climate impact  

new impressions 

tourist’s age  

Impact of flight 

poor health state of the tourist  


The worker of the chemical enterprise visited a health provider with complaints of irritability, poor workability, insomnia, headache. Objectively: arhythmical tremor, asymmetry of tendous and periostal reflexes, pulse lability, steady red dermographismus. Signs of excretory gingivitis. The worker deals with amalgam producing. What is the disease?  

*chronic mercury poisoning  

chronic lead poisoning  

chronic gasoline poisoning  

chronic aniline poisoning  

chronic cadmium poisoning  


At the market they sell milk brought in the churns. Smell and taste of milk are usual, color is white with bluish tint, specific density 1,015 g/cm3, fat content 2\%. Acidity 15оТ. No admixtures.Determine milk quality. 

*milk was adulterated by dilution 

milk was adulterated by skimming  

Stale milk 

milk with suspicious freshness  

surrogate milk 


During the examination on general hygiene and social medicine the student said that the mountain sickness has been caused by the  low content of oxygen in the highlands air. Could you correct his response?  

*it’s caused by decreasing of partial pressure of the oxygen  

it’s caused by high content of carbon dioxide  

it’s caused by solar radiation effect 

it’s caused by action of cold air 

it’s caused by peculiarities of perception of the mountain environment 


While answering the state examination a student of medical faculty said that the sanitary lab decides the problem about suitableness of food for using. Could you correct your college’s answer?.  

*health officer gives final conclusion about food quality     

assistant of health officer gives a conclusion  

dietologist gives final conclusion  

cook gives the conclusion  

customer gives a conclusion  


The worker of “Bios" enterprise producing laundry detergents consults her health provider with complaints of rash at the opened areas of the face skin, neck and hands. What prevention is necessary?  

*to use hermetic equipment  

to change assortment of the production  

to use air conditioning  

to use individual protective equipment  

misemploy her  


The group of Ukrainian tourists visited Malaysia. By WHO statistics this country has a high rate of morbidity owning to water-borne infections. What way of water disinfecting should they use?  





UV irradiation 


The germ pollution of operation room after operating was 2500 CFU/m3. They sanitize air with UV-lamps. What percent should  germ pollution be decreased to consider the sanitation effective?  







The cadets of military school were brought to the  infection hospital with acute gastroenteritis after reception on the graduation day. In vomiting masses and rest of the products St. aureus and  its enterotoxine were found out by ELISA. What product have cause food poisoning?  

*cream cake 



stuffed paprika  

Adulterated cognac 


The man with jaundice was brought to the hospital. He considered that his state was caused by roasted peanut. What mycotoxine was found in peanuts? 







С., 38 year old, has general labor experience of 15 years, for 10 years he works asa  roentgenologist. By dosimeter data he took 40 rem during these years Can С. work by his specialty in future?  

*yes, he can  

no, he can’t  

he can but by the order of Ministry of Health  

he can but after rehabilitation treatment  

he can but after changing dosimeter  


The anestesiologist gives narcosis to the patient, he uses a non-reversive contour. Anesthetic is halothane.  Air temperature in the operation room is 21°С, humidity 50\%, level of noise 30 dB. What occupational hazards is the most significant in these conditions?  

*air pollution with anesthetic  

improper occupational microclimate  

high level of noise   

mental overfatigue  

compelled working pose  


The daily diet of a porter contains 110 g of protein (including 61 g of animal origin), 120 g of fat, 400 g of carbohydrates. His losses of energy are about 4000 kcal per day. What ways to optimize his nutrition could you advise?  

*increase carbohydrates content  

increase quantity of animal protein in the diet  

increase quantity of vegetable protein  

increase fat content  

decrease quantity of animal protein  


Family physician  advised for patient to rise vitamin C and calcium supply of the organism by drinking milk and eating sorrel. What mistake has he done? 

*calcium is not absorbed in the presence of oxalic acid  

sorrel is  poor in vitamin C 

milk does  not content calcium  

these foods are allergenic  

alimentary correction hasn’t any advantages in comparison with pharmacological one 


Soldier Р,. 19 year old, was brought to the military hospital with complaints on fatigability, gum bleeding. Objectively: dryness and paleness of the skin, acrocyanosis. Interdental spaces of the gums  edematous, gums are loosened, cyanotic. Folliculitis signs. Vitamin С excretion with urine: 0,27 mg/hour. Estimate vitamin C supply of the  soldier organism and specify its standards for ascorbic acid excretion with urine  

*low (norm: 0,7-1,0 mg/h.)  

low (norm: 2,0-3,0 mg/h.)  

low (norm: 1,0-1,5 mg/h)  

high (norm: 0,1-0,2 mg/h.)  

normal (norm: 0,2-0,6 мg/h.)  


In school №75 they conduct the survey of the children’s growth. The girl 7 year old has height of 133,3 cm (+2,1(), weight 29,0 kg (+1,0(), chest volume 60,1 cm (+0,5(). Estimate her growth development 

*the child has high height, disharmonic development  

the child has high height, harmonic development  

the child has low height, harmonic development  

the child has average height, harmonic development  

the child has low height, disharmonic development  


The dockers work at the port  in night schift from 2300 to 700. By heaviness of labour this group of workers has hard physical labour. What nutrition mode will you advise for them?  

*3-times meal, total calorie value 3700 kcal 

3-times meal, total calorie value 3200 kcal  

4-times meal, total calorie value 3200 kcal  

5-times meal, total calorie value 5000 kcal  

liberated, total calorie value 3000 kcal  


Wheat flour came to realization in the trade network. By the documents its sort was defined as “extra”. Lab analysis data: color: white with yellowish humidity: 17\% smell: acidous acidity: 10о taste: acidous glutens: 15\% crunch: no Assess quality of product. 

*poor quality product, not suitable for using  

flour of high quality, can be used w/o limitations  

conditionally suitable for using  

flour has low humidity, not suitable for using  

flour has high humidity, not suitable for using  


They inspect the pig corps at the abattoir. The flesh surface is light-red, section is some how wet, spots at the blotting-paper don’t appear, elasticity is normal. Fat is white with yellowish tint, solid, in compression it crumbles, marrow is pink and fills the bone channel completely. The meat has specific smell of fresh flesh.. In tongue, diaphragm, intercostals and chewing muscles there are trichinas. What should they do with meat?  

*use for technical utilization 

use for meal w/o limitations  

use for meal after boiling  

use for meal after disinfecting  

use for animal feeding by the contract with veterinarian inspection  


A student has to measure the speed of air motion in experimental laboratory. What device should he use? 


Asman`s psychrometer 

Hair hygrometer 

Augustus psychrometer 



For training stamina teenager В., 15 year old, started to use a cold shower (water temperature +6оС) for 20-30 minutes. In some days he stopped the procedures because of acute tonsillitis. What water procedures will you advise for strengthening (training stamina) at the beginning?  


bathing in the water reservoir  

Scotch shower  


gargling throat with cool water  


Tooth decay morbidity among people living in N is 89\%. They drinks water containing 0,001 mg/l fluorine. What prevention could you advise? 

*water fluorination  

brush teeth  

inhalate fluorine 

eat more vegetables 

use sylantes  


For providing health care of people living in a new urban district they planned to build a new hospital for 550 beds, situated at the outskirts. The furthest buildings will be at 32 km from hospital. What service radius is the maximum for the urban hospitals?  

*15 km 

5 km 

10 km 

20 km 

30 km 


They confiscated 20 kg of pork from a seller at the market. The surface of flesh is bright, consistence is dense, fat is solid, smell is usual, color is light red, рН of meat juice - 6,0. they found 2 fins at  40 cm2. Assess meat quality.  

*high quality product, conditionally suitable 

high quality product, suitable w/o limitations 

poor quality product, not suitable 


Adulterated product 


On the 12th April 2000 in Odessa there was variable cloudness and in-and-out precipitations, atmospheric pressure - 755 mm of Hg, wind - 8,5 m/s, daily overfall of temperature -7оС, atmospheric pressure - 10 mm Hg. What is the medical type of the weather?  

*requiring medical control 

very favorable 


severe medical control 



The impairment of vision can occur in children when carrying out different kinds of work. What main hygienic conditions of labour can provide the prophylaxis of these disturbance?  

* ensuring the good illumination of a child’s working place  

the time restriction of fulfilling work 

the quality of educational books  

a blackboard colour 

the distribution of children in the classroom 


The showing of an age-old tendency among the younger sections of population is acceleration. which groups of hypotheses cause this phenomenon  

* heliogenic, alimentary, social and economic  

high-caloric mixtures of children’s nutrition 

heterolocal marriages, early puberty 

city urbanization and ecology  

specific prophylaxis, successes in pediatrics 


Which term for the preparation of homework by the pupils of the eighth – eleventh forms will meet hygienic requirements? 

* 3 hours  

1,5 hours 

2 hours 

3,5 hours 

4 hours 


They confiscated 20 kg of pork from a seller at the market. The surface of flesh is bright, condistence is dense, fat is solid, smell is usual, color is light red, рН of meat juice - 6,0. they found 5 fins at  40 cm2. Assess meat quality 

*poor quality product, not suitable 

high quality product, suitable w/o limitations 

high quality product, suitable with limitations 

surrogate product 

adulterated product 


The mountain lake is situated out off the residential area. The forest is around, shores are sandy and stony. Water analysis: Smell. taste           1 score                ammonia and nitrites    no color colorless                nitrates   40 mg/l transparence         40 cm                chlorides                50 mg/l oxidation ability     3 mg О2/l                hardness                10 mg eq/l coli-tytre        300 ml                   microbic number                65 Could this water  be used for drinking?  

*water is suitable for drinking  

water is suitable only for technical purposes 

water is suitable after boiling  

water is not suitable for using 

water can be used after settling  


A boy 8 year old is under the dispensary supervision because of chronic gastroduodenitis. What group of physical education has the boy? 







Girl 9 years old, has an average height and harmonic growth development. She was ill with acute respiratory infection for five times. Define group of her health.  

*2nd group 

1 st group 

3rd group 

4th group 

5th group 


The observation department of maternity house is situated on the first floor under the delivery room. In the department there are 10 2-bed wards and 2 – 1-bed ones. The total amount of the beds is 22. Reception of pregnant women is conducted via the isolated unit of the reception ward. What infringements of sanitary rules could you specify?  

*department placement 

structure of the department  

total amount of beds  

reception mode of pregnant women and women in childbirth  

No infringements  


The worker of a forge shop consults his physician about complaints of poor hearing, fatigability, headache. Tonal audiography has been conducted. There are signs of sensitive surditas on the audiogram. What prevention could you advise?  

*use antiphones   

hermetize the equipment 

eat caviar 

wear rubber shoes 

change managers at the enterprise 


In the operating room of the purulent surgery department they amputated the shin in the patient with gangrene. What way is usual for medical wastes disposal?  

*incerination in special stoves  

dispose to landfills 

bury at especial cemeteries  

bury at the hospital territory  

reduce to fragments and dispose to canalization  


For keeping meat soup with salted cucumbers in the workers canteen they used a zinc-coated bucket. In 2-3 hours after eating this soup 5 workers had vomiting.  Sick men were hospitalized. In a day all signs disappeared. What is the disease? 

*zinc poisoning 



iron poisoning  

staphylococcal intoxication 


Student В. Lives in the canalized house in the flat with complete set of sanitary equipment (WC, bath, shower, centralized hot water supply). What volume of water does he use daily? 

*250-300 l  

10-15 l  

50-100 l 

160-200 l 

400-500 l 


After eating of raw duck eggs the family with signs of gastroenterocolitis was delivered to hospital t. What disease can be the most probable? 







Surgeon В., 36 years old, working at the thoracic department of the oncological dispensary. This year he has been subjected to X-ray scopy for several times (with esophageal contrasting). What maximum admissible dose is defined for this professional category?  

*2 mSv 

20 mSv 

10 mSv 

5 mSv 

1 mSv 


For preventive purposes the student drinks mineral waters. What mineral water can be used for everyday drinking? 







For waste treatment they offer chloric lime with 5\% content of active chlorine. What content of active chlorine is admissible for disinfecting at least? 







They brought the patient Т., 32 year old, with acute gastroenteritis signs to the reception ward of the municipal infectious hospital. He has fallen ill suddenly. Four hours ago he had a lunch with his girlfriend. He drank alcohol beverages, ate some ham, Russian salad, stuffed cabbage-rolls and other foods. He ate ice-cream with strawberries and rum. From his girlfriend it’s known that ice-cream was melted and frozen again. What food caused poisoning?  



alcohol drinks  

Russian salad  

stuffed cabbage rolls  


The artesian chink is situated out off the residential area, the nearest territory is free of pollution and covered. Water analysis: taste      1 score                   oxidation ability                0,5 mg О2/lcoli-tytre        500 ml smell                0 scores  ammonia                traces transparence         40 cm                colority                  10? microbic number  28   nitrites                traces     nitrates                92,0 mg/l What disease can be caused by drinking this water? 

*water-nitrate methemoglobinemia 

syderoachrestic anemia 





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